Case Study: How hyper-automation helps Ukrainian bank to be agile and scalable

If anyone would ask what country in Eastern Europe is the most progressive in banking industry, the answer will be - Ukraine.
Here, banks understand that it does not depend on your location - you need to capture new generation of clients that value convenience of services and put their choice on customer oriented young banks instead of old, full of legacy banks.
So, that was one of requests of our next customer - make our bank "young"

The Challenge

The bank has failed with their adaptation to the market because of "aged" processes that started to play against it. All services were on low speed and quality of deliverance. 

Solution Highlights

First, to turn on "service-oriented" model, there was a particular need to rethink most of the back-office capabilities and processes from cultural perspective.
Second, to be interesting to the new generation of clients, bank should develop with implementing new approaches and services. That's where Machine Learning came on stage together with approach known as MLOps.
And last but not least, to accelerate the speed of growing technically, we produced and supplied bank with "Distributed Infrastructure" model - we helped bank to understand what they are able to move to the cloud to be more agile on that track and performed full re-engineering of their core services with Infrastructure as Code.

The Result

For key results, it can be shared (as for now), that:
  1. The bank starts grabbing step by step in national rating of banks in Ukraine,
  2. Average time-to-market for a new product reduced by 50% and for product updated reduced by 30%,
  3. Core teams are enforced with MLOps engineers and they have successfully released their products to Public Beta.

We value our agreements with customers, and we state that all info described here is legal to share according to NDA.

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