Case study: How to double sports class attendance with new user-friendly and fast website

Scallagrims is a non-profit organisation based in Toronto since 2003. It has official Toronto Historical Medieval Armored Combat team.
Key ChallengesSolution Highlights
  • Old platform used for public communications was outdated and not supported
  • Underlying legacy infrastructure was unstable and periodically experienced long downtimes
  • All communication was performed through Facebook because platform was old and not usable
A-Dev and Scallagrims introduced a brand-new web-platform fro publicity, implementing:
  • Detailed and professional needs analysis, resulting in precise functional requirements.
  • Agile way of work helped reduce time-to-market (from expected 3.5 weeks to 1 week)
  • Implemented custom developed customisable CMS with analytics capabilities
  • A-Dev implemented automated flow of supporting infrastructure, including automated patching of servers every 6 months
As a result, Scallagrims experienced 200% increased attendance on their classes.

Customer about working with A-Dev

Alex Polovyi:
"I am really happy about A-Dev's agile approach with Scallagrims. In fact, the team nailed a full-stack project execution throughout the software lifecycle stages. Furthermore, they have demonstrated a rock-solid interpersonal communication and an outstanding email correspondence that allowed to deliver results in a timely manner. Kudos to Project Manager, I really appreciate him managing the project from being just an idea to a fully functional solution. It's been a pleasure building it together with A-Dev!"
Alex Polovyi
IT Manager, Scallagrims
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    Sport, Leisure
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