Case study: How to save $400'000/year on business scaling with cloud data processing

The extensive use of human resources to do the tasks that computers can do is a solid barrier to companies' growth and scalability. Meanwhile, the software is better than people at coping with routine repetitive tasks while making fewer mistakes. It is also much cheaper. 
The wiser use of human resources and implementation of cutting-edge software solutions would lead to a significant cost reduction and open the possibility for impetuous growth.

The Client

At a German financial, investment, and asset management company, the employees were doing all the work with numbers. They had to manually calculate all the indicators for their clients.

It took too much time and effort to process the data for each client. As a result, the company could not scale its activities without staff expansion. The existing staff could not take any more new clients.

The Challenge

The client's goal was to scale the business without significantly expanding the staff. The only way to achieve this is to minimize the amount of manual work involved in processing the financial results of investment portfolios. The software should do most of the day-to-day routine work, while people could focus on decision-making and customer success.

Solution highlights

After a thorough and detailed discussion of the challenge with the client, we decided to create an automatic data processing system using cloud technologies. Based on Microsoft Azure, this solution achieved highest security, reliability and scalability potential.

From cloud Storing data in the cloud rather than locally made accessing it easier.

We also developed a customer-facing dashboard to collect and present data to the client in a convenient form. After this, the investment process and asset management became much more transparent for the client. Also, all the data was accessible at any moment, so the client did not need to have constant communication with the manager.

The Implementation

While working on the project, we found out that the data was coming scattered. Due to the lack of a standardised structure, the automated system could not immediately start processing the data.

To solve this problem, we had to create an automated structuring of the data before processing. Due to our experienced engineers, there was developed data processing workflow that parses data and structures it in a standardised way and passes it to the processing flow.

To create all backend capabilities we involved two our Python engineers, that took all development and architectural responsibilities.

From the frontend side, team of two VueJS specialists in cooperation with UI/UX designer did their best to deliver smart, efficient and user-friendly dashboard.

And all the strategy and roadmap of the product was created from scratch by our Solution Architect that has a passion for making thing great and modern.

The Result

After the implementation of an automatic data processing system, the company extended its business without hiring new employees:

  • The number of their clients has grown 2.5 times: from 6 to 15.
  • Each employee previously worked with 2 clients and now spends the same amount of time working with 5 clients.

In financial terms, the economy amounted to 360'000 EUR per year: that much the company would have to spend on hiring additional employees without our solution.

Customer about working with A-Dev

"I'm very happy to say that collaboration with A-Dev on our platform was one of the best and smartest investments in my business. Their team is really result-oriented and I would say 'dedicated' to the project. I really like their agile work approach with which they helped me achieving such results in a short period of time. We are working now for 6 months and I'm looking forward to great journey ahead. Thank you for all your work and all your devotion to the quality and results."

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