Case Study: How to Structure a completely chaotic ed-tech project and perform transition to new platform in 2 months

When it comes to long-term project, one of the crucial points is to exclude situations when all process is bound to some key knowledge holders. This contains several risks for your project:
  • People will change quickly because of obstacles in getting all knowledge during onboarding and after
  • Key knowledge holders will leave your company and you would lose project-related info

The Challenge

The company had key knowledge holders that were legacy-oriented and the project team in general had a gap in their knowledge base tracking strategy.
On the same line, the platform was written with legacy technology stack that was not "perfect fit" for getting all needed functionality on needed performance level and that resulted in reducing number of engaged teachers and loyal students.

The Implementation

To resolve current pain points and to stop destructive process of losing clients, allocated team of professionals outlined and prioritised the next action list for the customer:
  •  Highest priority is to stop outflow of customers. For this purpose, team agreed with customer to migrate their platform to another tech stack (from infrastructure to development frameworks)
  • Second priority is to have a clearly defined delivery process for new versions of product to end users. For that purpose, solution architecture was reviewed and adopted to use Kubernetes as a main infrastructure capability and host it in the cloud (Azure) that added scalability to the product. Together with that, 'zero downtime' release strategy was implemented from DevOps side that made the platform more stable for end users.
  • And as a third priority, all project documentation was gathered in Knowledge Base that was reviewed by our non-engaged team to verify that adaptation of new team members and further development will be independent from any number of Knowledge holders.

The Result

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