IMPORTANT! CEO's statement on war in Ukraine

Today is the day 39 of full scale Russian military aggression against Ukraine. Lots of words have been said, lots of lives were irrevocably lost.

As a business, we want to make a statement that we fully support our country with our knowledge and money. We donated money for Ukrainian army and continue doing that for both individual volunteers and governmental accounts. As IT specialists, we are participating in Ukrainian IT Army organisation to fortify informational front.

We never made and never will make any business with aggressor country in the memory of Mariupol, Kharkiv, Sumy and all other Ukrainian cities that suffered from bloody dictator’s imperialistic ambitions and the whole country.

We have made a decision to not stop our business activity since February 24 to support our economy and to make a strong basement for country reconstruction after this groundless, inhuman and extremely crucial act of military aggression from Russian Federation.

As a CEO of A-Dev, I’m staying in Ukraine, Kyiv. I’m in contact with every employee in company to be sure everyone is safe. We are operating and we continue deliver software excellence to our customers.

We are strong, we are Ukraine.

Glory to Ukraine.

Denys Lukashevych
Founder and CEO
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