Delivering excellence

A-DEV is a young and dynamically growing IT outsourcing, consulting and business software development company. We provide our customers with agile software development services, that integrates smoothly with their business infrastructure and brings outstanding value to business. Our agile teams of professionals have diverse technology stack that combines both legacy technologies for support and cutting-edge ones for modernisation and development.
years on market
4 years
average experience of our employees
customers are working with us
Business-driven development
We build solutions with aligning business needs and market perspectives. We step to project delivery only after needs and market discovery to be sure that we deliver solution that is perfectly suits customer’s business.
Cloud-ready approach
We keep our eyes on the latest technologies and we know that cloud is a big thing. That’s why solutions and software we deliver perfectly integrates with cloud and on-premise systems
Innovation DNA
We keep innovation as a part of our corporate DNA. We use cutting-edge technologies combined with modern approach of software delivery. All that help our customers grow rapidly with us.
Quality by design
We deliver all solutions with the built-in quality. We start with quality during the planning stage and implement quality continuously across all process.
Go ahead to the digital future with A-Dev
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