Case study: How to save $10'000/month with infrastructure optimization

Despite the fact demand on cloud technologies is enormously high, companies still struggle with consistency in their cloud adoption and especially with cloud resources utilisation and optimisation.

Project Overview

Canadian healthcare startup contacted us with the request to test their development practices and to identify bottlenecks in any of it. Main pain point was the amount of delays and lack of reliability on the solution they were developing.

The Challenge

As we were 100% distanced from all data they were processing, we were limited in some actions and information gain.
Despite that fact, 2 DevOps engineers were successfully integrated into the team and made all process testing to the startup.
During all the work, we have managed to identify 3 main problems in the company's way of work:
  • They were developing fully monolithic application that would have been hard to manage after production release from both improvements and maintenance points
  • "Heavy cloud". They had their cloud infrastructure full of unneeded services and overpriced product they were consuming
  • No DevOps practices were implemented in delivery process

Solution Highlights

Key Objective Description
Architecture     All solution architecture was adapted to best cloud practices and was re-engineered as a set of microservices that effectively interacted with each other
Infrastructure There was complex work performed to restructure all services to utilise as effective as possible capabilities of cloud platform. Environments were set up using Infrastructure as Code tools (Terraform, Ansible)
Team Process  We added to company's roadmap integrating DevOps processes into the team and implemented basic technical aspects of DevOps processes: Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery pipelines, Infrastructure automation and Test automation for measuring performance and security of platform

Key Results

Working with A-Dev, company gained both instant and long-term benefits:
  • Infrastructure costs reduced for as much as $10'000/month with remained performance and increased reliability
  • Security vulnerabilities and performance gaps of platform were identified, prioritised and successfully mitigated during next few months
  • Team has clear vision of DevOps process in scope of their business needs and has all adaptation documents form top-skilled A-Dev DevOps Engineers

Rene Prashad
Head of Product
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